Amazon Customer Experience and Brand Protection Done Right
Sentinel increases your sales and allows you to dominate your competition with tools and data that Amazon won’t provide.
The Best E-Commerce Management Tools For Any Size Business
Designed to work for businesses of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises.
Customer Experience
  • Reviews
    Cut through the eCommerce noise to get focus-group level feedback and sentiment that helps you improve products and customer satisfaction.
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  • Product Issues
    Ensure that your online supply chain is free of counterfeits, diversions, damaged & defective products.
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  • Sellers
    Watch over your brand with industry-leading third-party seller tracking so you know who is in your buy box and what they are doing.
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  • Alerts
    Sentinel's custom alerts make eCommerce maintenance easy with alerts by keyword, phrase, or star rating.
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  • Competitors
    Find out what your competitors are doing better than you online and how to beat them.
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Brand Protection
  • Monitor
    Stop manually searching eCommerce listings for your authorized or unauthorized products.
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  • Image Tracker
    Find out who is using your protected brand and product images and stop unauthorized use.
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Over 50 million products analyzed globally
We know what's important for brands to focus on because we have analyzed over 5 Billion reviews and reviewer profiles from leading online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Sign up for a free 30-day Sentinel trial to harness the power of this data and make e-Commerce a better place for your brand and customers.